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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Motherless Daughter

To start a story to explain and allow the reader to understand me, resulting in you questioning more about yourself, completes me.  I patiently wait to know what is the right choice .  My choices usually result in wreckage and wrath.  The part of my life I had no control of was wicked in its own ways.  My mother walked out of my life twice and both were unexpected.  Once when I was eight and sent to be raised by my father, and the second was 10 years ago today when she unfortunately died of a drug overdose.  I didn't cry for the first 3 days nor did I shed a tear at the funeral, but 6 months later when the grieving hit me it hit me hard and lasted many years.  I miss her, and I wish she was still here today, but my selfish desires overlook what was meant to be.  She is in a better place.  In her heaven, looking over me, loving me, released from her demons.  God bless you mom.

Carolyn King:  December 16th 1950 - March 18th 2000

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