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Saturday, January 29, 2011


I've decided to try to get a job as a Community Coordinator in The Woodlands, TX.  My plan is to move in about 3 weeks.  I'll be living with my sister. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Journey With Melaleuca

This will be my online journal of my experience with the Melaleca business.  You can experience every step with me, so you can have complete understanding of what this exactly is.

I'll begin by letting you know how and where it all started.  After endless nights of searching through the web for at home jobs, I ran across the website Work At Home United, I filled in the information.  The next day I got a phone call from a women asking me when a good time would be to have more time to talk on the phone.  Within 48 hours a phone meeting was set up.  The meeting was a call set up with a Melaleca presentation.   I was impressed enough to pay the $31 to become a business "partner".  I had two choices 1) to be a preferred customer 2) build my own Melaleca business (customer referrals).

I got a free website.  I wrote a hub to advertise the website.  I received my training packet today.  Which I might say I AM QUITE IMPRESSED!!

The training pack came with impressive guides such as the membership guide, building your business guide, a monthly Leadership In Action magazine with impressive business results and stories, 3 catalogs, and a CD. 

Before this packet had arrived I was having mixed feelings.  Unsure if I invested into a good money making idea, then it hit me... I'm trying to encourage people to switch some of their usual everyday products to products that are SAFER than what they are probably already using.

According to one of their catalogs their EcoSence brand cleaners are SAFE, SAFE, SAFE!!! 

1. Safe For Your Families
  • No chlorine bleach
  • No ammonia
  • No aerosols
  • No formaldehyde
2.  Safe For Your Home
  • Effective & naturally derived ingredients
  • No abrasives
  • pH-balanced
3.  Safe For the Earth
  • Super-concentrated
  • No fillers
  • No phosphate
I'm going to do a little research and read up some more.  I can say so far on a scale of 1 to 10.... I rate what I'm doing an 8.  One reason I score the Melaleuca idea so high is because I realized I committed to a company that cares about a healthier you and cleaner environment.  Watching the news about the catastrophic oil spilling into the Gulf makes me realize how quickly we are destroying this planet.  I want to make a committed difference... even as a customer.  I am starting to feel that others should want to do the same.

I would also like to say is that the fee you pay is reasonable and similar to a Sam's membership fee (very similar).  There are many perks included.  I'll explain more later.


There is a variety of more than 350 environment friendly products to choose from.  Their products range from vitamins to beauty products, and the prices really are reasonable!! 

Anyone that knows me that does this will not only be making the choice to live safer, but you will be helping me earn an income...two important points.  And I believe if you choose Melaleuca for yourself, you maybe so impressed with the prices and products that you want to upgrade to building a business by introducing your friends to Melaleuca products and earning an extra income while spreading the word about earth friendly products.

I've done more reading, updating on my hub, absorbing the concept of this company.  I'm not looking for a get rich scheme. I have patience.  I don't see that encouraging this product is wrong, misleading, or a scam in anyway.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Back from Mississippi

Such a love hate relationship. The first two weeks were great.  I got to see my daughter every weekend.  I was without a car and hated asking for rides.  Still processing the whole trip.  I visited with three main people.  Each a guy in my life.  I also visited with Ms. Karlynn during the weekends. Two weeks is my obvious time-limit when returning to Mississippi.  I have to return in June to get my girl for the summertime.  I will try to drive.  More details later...

May 3, 2010  6:22 AM

Still processing my trip to Mississippi.   Searching for my calling.  Is is writing?  A receptionist?  Something bigger than that?  Working with children again?  Becoming a lawyer?

May 5, 2010 4pm

I feel like an empty shell.  Knowing there are so many things I need to change about myself.  My will-power laughs at me.  I'm embarrassed to be me.  Time for change.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dear Self

Tired but fighting my sleep.  Obsessive words of wonder I write...and write.  Not knowing, not being. Who am I? Why do I search for words to write? So many states of mind that need rest.  Transferred by external stimuli  and inner indulgence.  Awake only to want to sleep again.  Dream of the wants that I do not have.  Discovering a self no longer so confused... maybe more complete.  More familiar with my patters of defeat and defense.  Waiting for each teacher in disguise as a friend or perhaps a stranger.  Listen to the angels when they speak.  Fly through the clouds of reason and faith... catch fate

Monday, March 29, 2010

Today is the present, and I sit and do nothing.  So much in my head, but physically nothing wants to move.  Then I come to my laptop to play with my animated friends and farmville.  I do nothing but sit on the computer ALL DAY LONG!!  No life but goddamn the men... they all want something, they all want ass.  I'm going to Mississippi the first week of April and there is just already Hattiesburg drama.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Motherless Daughter

To start a story to explain and allow the reader to understand me, resulting in you questioning more about yourself, completes me.  I patiently wait to know what is the right choice .  My choices usually result in wreckage and wrath.  The part of my life I had no control of was wicked in its own ways.  My mother walked out of my life twice and both were unexpected.  Once when I was eight and sent to be raised by my father, and the second was 10 years ago today when she unfortunately died of a drug overdose.  I didn't cry for the first 3 days nor did I shed a tear at the funeral, but 6 months later when the grieving hit me it hit me hard and lasted many years.  I miss her, and I wish she was still here today, but my selfish desires overlook what was meant to be.  She is in a better place.  In her heaven, looking over me, loving me, released from her demons.  God bless you mom.

Carolyn King:  December 16th 1950 - March 18th 2000

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Merely a moment

This evening has been a lonely night of self exploration.  Pondering my selfish pleasures that persuade sometimes thoughtless impulses.  Although, nothing is as thoughtless as I think.  I think on nights like these. Nights when I search to know more about why I am and who I am.  Who am I?  What you know is what you ask to see... the many masks of me.  Well evolved to host many.  Many strangers and friends, addicts and enemies, moments of reason, reasons to know...

You are merely a moment
To rescue me
And discover
What I will allow you to see
So much like a stranger
Yet a lonely friend
A lover soon learn the lust will end
A second late
A lost memory
Do you remember me